Creating an Inclusive Community of Learners (I4005)
Student Engagement
Creating an Inclusive Community of Learners (I4005)
How will you help each student feel valued and included in your classroom? Join in this micro-course to learn, discuss and set goals for creating a learner-centered community. This micro-course is one of three by Dr. Katie Martin, author of...
Embracing the Evolving Role of the Educator (I4009)
Dr. Katie Martin - Learner Centered Innovation
Embracing the Evolving Role of the Educator (I4009)
How is your role as an educator different than it was in the past, and what will it be like in the future? Join Dr. Katie Martin in this micro-course to explore ways to be ready for the changes and embrace the evolving role of the educator. In...
Autism in the Preschool Years (I5002)
Autism Support
Autism in the Preschool Years (I5002)
In this micro-course, discover an overview of simple, yet effective intervention strategies and positive behavior supports to engage the young learner with ASD. Identify the foundational principles of learning by exploring how to provide positive...
Understanding the Phonological Continuum (I5034)
Understanding the Phonological Continuum (I5034)
The Phonological Continuum is the foundation to becoming a successful reader. Learn all about the phonological continuum and activities to incorporate into your instruction. Do you get tired of doing the same old phonological activities with...
Diving into the Discovery Experience (I5040)
Student Engagement
Diving into the Discovery Experience (I5040)
At least two-thirds of the districts in IU 8 purchase the Discovery Experience. The service has existed for over 15 years, though it has morphed into a much more robust system in that period of time. Many classroom teachers haven’t had the time...
Simple Strategies to Get your Learners Engaged in Reading, Writing and Collaborating (I6010)
Student Engagement
Simple Strategies to Get your Learners Engaged in Reading, Writing and Collaborating (I6010)
Are you looking for easy ways to engage your learners? In this micro-course, explore many engagement strategies to motivate your learners. These strategies will not only motivate your learners but will also increase student learning and keep...
Executive Function: Tools Smackdown (I6011)
Inclusion & Accessibility
Executive Function: Tools Smackdown (I6011)
Have students with difficulty self-regulating their emotions? Do they miss deadlines or demonstrate difficulty initiating tasks? They may have support needs related to executive functioning (EF). Take this micro-course to learn what EF is and...
HyperDocs, Not Just a Virtual Tool! (I6013)
Instructional Design
HyperDocs, Not Just a Virtual Tool! (I6013)
HyperDocs are a great way to differentiate instruction for all learners. They are engaging, interactive, lesson plans that are provided to students to help them to dive deeper into their learning! Discover the first steps in creating a digital...
Teacher Presence: Why YOU Are So Important! (I6033)
Student Engagement
Teacher Presence: Why YOU Are So Important! (I6033)
As we explore how we can build relational trust among ourselves as adults to create a safe space for teaching - we need to continue to recognize that as we build this trustworthy community we improve the learning environment for our students....
Using Evidence-Based Practices to Teach Word Problems in Math (I6041)
Instructional Practices
Using Evidence-Based Practices to Teach Word Problems in Math (I6041)
Teaching students how to approach and solve word problems in math class is often one of our most dreaded responsibilities. Thankfully, much research and development surrounding this daunting task has recently been done, with the evidence...

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